Welcome to Gatto Gabriel World Tour show 2017

 The World tour show it’s like a cocktail made of music, shaken with Caribbean latin artists as ingredients, ready to be served at the best festivals to people of all ages, all nationalities, and flavors!  Gatto and his team proudly represent The Latin Caribbean showtime”.

The most cultural integrated show from latino America and the Caribbean,    “let’s make it happen”…

The World tour show is a Caribbean / Latin show, created by real Native Latin crew, designed to give the color and diversity of cultures to the events and invite people to sing dance and start the fiesta!!!  For more than 10 years  GATTO GABRIEL has presented this show worldwide in Hotels, Summer festivals,  Universities, theaters, Spring Break beach shows etc…

Staff & Stars of “the World Tour show.

Percussion, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, 2 vocals, 3 lead singers, 4 dancers, sound engineer, and MC and Dj… ( Dj + Artists without band also Available )

“The World Tour” its exotic staff members from:

Dominican Republic, Curacao, Aruba, Saint Eustatius, Venezuela and the Brasil Samba / Caribbean dance girls. IPANEMA ENTERTAINMENT

Stage look and feel!

We play covers and original music, we love to play world famous songs that everyone knows, rhythms of Pop Latin, Merengue, Reggae and Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, zouk. The show starts with a master Caribbean intro, then the singers splash a the latin sounds from the streets of Santo Domingo, Caracas, Suriname chutney-ton,  and we finish with the dancers jump in with the Rio Costumes, and it all start to jump and wave!!!, our flags and give thanks and go out of stage the music will play until the last sound of applause.

Own words: In many cases, we invited people to the stage, we shared dancing moves, giving them feeling of a vacation, it’s a great time and waking peoples Latin spirit.

Gattorecords staat bij de Kamer van Koophandel geregistreerd met het KVK nummer 67774539. De informatie die je hier vindt over Gattorecords komt deels vanuit Graydon en deels vanuit de KvK. Indien je contact wilt opnemen met Gattorecords kun je het telefoonnummer gebruiken of een brief versturen naar het adres Kanaalweg 93 A met postcode 2584 CH in ”s-Gravenhage.