Curriculum Vitae

Plannen en organiseren
I have plan about, 25 successful tours, about 600 Events for Hotels, about 200 Beach events,
including food, drinks, hotel, safeguard, entertainment, relaxation, health, travel tickets, briefing,
welcome and goodbyes, nothing goes as expected but, the key for a good result is, be prepared for
the unexpected and have the charm to make the best of it. Planning and Organising is a great time
for imagination and is just great to be part of it!
Contact maken en netwerken
I work with Television, Radio, Web, Social media, connecting communications, Press and
Magazine, from creative managements to working areas, from production to sales, from exporting to final
buyer or clients. I can arrange a database with a project from A o Z. with simple tools…
Vernieuwen en vooruit denken
May be it’s a thing that everyone has, but I like to be always ahead with innovative ideas, for
anything that crosses my mind, i’m 100% thinking how to make things  better( ALWAYS). I have projects on
paper for drones, android phones, radio broadcast, dynamic energy, mass communications, global
gps virtual positioning for developing new ways of marketing, trade, sales, share, and much more,
without a doubt this is my best…
Vakdeskundig werken
If i get a chance to show what I can do to get the money I want, at least what i can do is to my job
100, even better if I can do more with out going out of rules or regulations, I always try to generate
ideas to safe Time, Effort, share Knowledge, new ways to make things more logical, easier, but
always reaching whats basically expected from me.
I have present shows on TV, host a Radio show, Zomercarnaval radio host for Pleasure Magazine,
Rotterdam TV, Puerto Latino TV, Bahia TV, and more, I studied Theatre, and was the president of
the Hi school.
Omgaan met spanning en tegenslag: Competitive markets is asking all the time the best of you, if you want to be the first stay ahead in your area, it takes stress, and pressure, but the secret of staying in a great shape lays in the attitude which you take all the happenings, always with patience and wellness.

Anderen overtuigen en beïnvloeden
Its the best i can do, I have work always as manager, have learn so much about it, is my passion
lets say!, since I learn how to speak and learn how to make things happen with out a nocive
manipulation, i believe I can make anything happen, with the right team, we will be ready to change
the world…
Werken volgens de regels
If I’m not in the place to take my own ways, my own decisions, working and following orders can be
really useful if your are planing to make it safe for you and others and keep a job, everyone wanna
be the one who gives orders, and be more easy at work but, to get to that point you may need to
start but listening 100 to rules orders and follow them precisely, in order to make it all go perfect
when you are on duty and the responsibility and productivity of the company who pays your salary
in on your hands!
Schrijven en rapporteren
in not so good on writing, but I make great books and lyrics, I write my own website posts and press
notes, successfully. there is always correction software so i rely on it to make it perfect!
Aandacht voor anderen
If you wanna have success in anything, attention is one of the first keys to develope the adaptation
and progress! I enjoy paying attention as much I am free to do it!
Materialen en middelen inzetten
care, functionality, well use of the resources, and the vision to handle the goods are always
important, for the quality of the final product so i care a lot about how is manipulated from A to Z.
I can learn and multitask, copy and reproduce, memorize technical procedures, and even make it
better than it was originally, I consider myself self didactic if no one can teach me, well I just do it
my self and learn on the way…
Klantgericht werken
well I’m a singer, and part of my success lays in the fact that i always consider the place where i’m
gonna show, and see if the client has prepared it all to make it a success for himself, also that he is
in place to get what he paid for, and use 100 the benefit of what his time money and energy worth. i
respect the clients that believes in the word of a sales team, and totally deserve truth and honesty.
Kostenbewust zijn
i always say, there are costs that you don’t see, because we all live in a world of surprises, even
if you can play with time, seasons, money currency, offers, demand, materials, and a very good
creativity to make something great out lots of effort and little expenses, I have a weakness to
analyze costs, life teached me to think that is never enough, for what I wanna make.
Beslissingen nemen
it takes time, and it take consequences, it has responsibilities, and it changes lives and markets, but
there comes the point that a decision is trigger by doubts, a secure person know what to do when
to do it, decisions are taken every second, because the final goal is set, and committed, when you
know what you want desicion are just a simple act.
Ondernemen en commercieel zijn
creating new jobs, generating employment, connecting networking, and making reality production
out of ideas, finding a market, introducing a product, acting on the right moment, using the right
media, images, words, being a Company takes this and much more, i have the pleasure to be a
company made out of my dreams!
Succesvol willen zijn
I think being successful has a lot to do with having the pleasure to enjoy what you do, not only
when you have achieved your final goal, but enjoying on the way there, if you can do all you like,
when you like, how you like, and if you can enjoy and have a nice attitude while your patience is
pulling your days, well success is in your day by day, you asked me do you wanna have success, I
say success is something you only can measure the day you stop dreaming or the last day of your
life, for the rest in something you can only  pursuit.
Betrouwbaar en eerlijk zijn
I never bite the hand of the ones who gives me food, and i believe being honest makes your future
the way you deserve it, there is no money, that can buy integrity, and the truth will always lead you
to an amazing destination. even if the honesty and the trust is being broken from the company that
gives jobs, I would not do the same back…
Kwaliteit leveren
Like everyone loves a good taste in a restaurant, like every passenger loves to feel safe and
attended in a flight, like a concert fan goes to see its favorite singer, or just going to school, the
quality of the products, makes the difference on price value, it all depends on opportunity, and
action, to use the best components to deliver the best until the point of not loosing, or loosing for
an investment, or wining proudly because the final results are easy to pay for just because the
experience has develope quality.

Logisch nadenken
I have traveled, to South America, North America, Europe, Caribbean, and Middle east, and I
have learn to communicate, just by having common sense, thinking logical is essential to co exist
with creative, production, management, but mostly as humans to see the motivation, the different
points of view by catching every detail in the air and the ways of thinking of everyone, just to have a
decent judgment. Thinking logical is what makes us different and the methodical process of logical
Samenwerken en overleggen
for me working in teams have been the greatest and most pleasurable way to achieve satisfaction
at the end of the journey, meeting and sharing points of view and ideas make the products always
better, beside the living relationships you create and learn from each other.
Ontdekken en verkennen
OK, i believe that every dream starts by discovering all again, all new, all amazing fantastic, once
there is a project to do, there come the discovery team that make the clean path for the great
workers to enjoy and make profit from what was before only an idea, Discovering and working is
basic in my live every day, I have to create, discover, invest, and work on new markets just to stay
alive in business, and even better to stay ahead… i love being a Creative manager!
Taal Mondeling Schriftelijk
Nederlands Goed Redelijk
Engels Uitstekend Goed
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COOL Interesses
BBQ and wild camping!
I can BBQ like a master, I love a summer BBQ with live music, or just do some charity events, also to care for the nature, I LOVE surfing, windsurfing, I used to participate in surfing competitions, I had a windsurfing school, I also love Film and Photography,.
Persoonlijke presentatie
I can do it all, I’m self didactic, I learn super fast and have the greatest ideas to make it all better, I have a passion for
challenges, and its easy for me to enjoy making things happen!
Gewenste functie 1 Entertainmentartiest |
live performer, singer songwriter, producer
Gewenste functie 2 danser latijnsamerikaans |
Film maker for  Documentary
Gewenste functie 3 medewerker bedrijfscatering |
Creative Manager
Werklocatie: worldwide.