Business Plan



Analyze your potential markets

Establish the size of your potential market

Put yourself in the investor’s shoes.

Take advantage of your competitors’ business plans.

Define your company.

Think of all the positive benefits your company will provide.

Choose a winning strategy.

Design your company.

Think about your role as leader or boss of the business.

Identify your company’s initial needs.

Target your funding sources.

Explain your financial data.

Present yourself in the best light.

Develop a strong marketing campaign.

Build a dynamic sales effort.

Think about what product or service qualities will be the most compelling to your prospective customers.


In your business plan you put your own plans in a row. To answer questions like: What do I want to do exactly? Where do I draw me? Which legal form to choose? Is there a market for my product and how do I get customers? How much money do I need to get my plans off the ground

Why prepare a business plan?

A business plan is useful to get into your plans. Insight You can also use the business plan when applying for a bank loan. But there is more. 



Hello. My Engelbert Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez. Per Sophia’s instructions, I am sending you a short document with a little more info about my ideas to make my company work, The World Tour show. I am a lifelong artist with a number of profitable events under my belt, and I believe this newest addition to my portfolio could make the my company productive and show wise  much better.
The world tour is a great integration of many artsis, Dancers, Musicians, web designers, publishers, sponsors, fans and frineds. With this show,  Schools, Universities, Festivals,  can can show and look , is a possiblity to enjoy most of the culture music,  from the caribbean’s vacation destinations. From there, if there’s trouble, they can remotely disable the car before their kid goes anywhere else he isn’t supposed to—or if he or she speeds getting there!


I’m pitching this device to you first because I think our businesses operate under a similar design philosophy, software-wise. I’ve been a fan of Benson GPS units since they hit the consumer electronics market many years ago, so I know the quality and value your products provide. Though I’ve had my inventions sold under many mass-market names, with and without credit, nothing would make me happier than seeing official Benson GPS branding all over my newest device.


From a marketing standpoint, our devices are a match made in heaven. People know Benson means quality, and that alone goes a long way in convincing them to try something new—a remote GPS viewer with car shutoff abilities, for instance. With your annual sales hitting an all-time record in 2012, it would be a perfect time to try something new.


Your production facilities also, as you may have guessed, far outshine mine. With my own manufacturing contacts, I’m able to produce, at best, 20 to 30 of these devices a week (though I’m proud to say they all sell out within days). Your facilities would be able to produce these units must more effectively, and your existing manufacturing process means the cost of producing the devices—around $17 per right now—would undoubtedly drop.


This could work, Mr. Benson. In fact, I believe it could work very well. Give me a call or email when you can if you’d like to discuss further specifics.




George Carbun


University Cycle Works