Engelbert Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez (born March 24) is a South-American artist known as Gatto Gabriel since 1995 – as he started his music life…

Gatto’s music is all about stories of love, fun, joy and peace, lyrics of his beliefs and faith, Filosofia, fantasy, Magic, and real experiences about beach times and sunsets.

Rhythms of urban Latin , can be his main sounds, together with his band’s and producers ( Beat-Machine, MB

Gatto Gabriel live

Ghetto flow, MP3, Latin lovers and Latin&son’s and Starline project) Gatto loves to mix: reggae-Latin featuring timbales, trumpets, congas, spiced up with dance pop.

Gatto’s popularity grows in Latin population of immigrants living in Europe, he spends years of his music life giving free performances for charities, Summer festivals, Universities, Theaters and others. His World tour show attracted media publications in the Netherlands, Venezuela, Rep Dominicana, Antillas, and Turkey.

GATTO GABRIEL is synonymous to Latin showman + entertainer. In 2011 he became Winner of the Elite Latinos Awards, nominated as Europe best Latin artist, he was also nominated as best talents of Rotterdam. by the Music Matters Award, His discography “Gatto Gabriel in Feature” is full culture, Gatto worked as singer-songwriter co-producer-composer for more than 14 different artists from Africa, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Holanda, Venezuela, Curacao, etc…

to Gabriel Born in La Guaira Litoral Central de Caracas, named after the archangel “Gabriel” which means “messenger of God” also born on march 24th. Gatto Gabriel grew up on the white sandy beaches of the coast of Venezuela, he develops his music styles between palm trees and that what people call eternal summer “Paradise”. Since the age of 17, he is touring around South and North America, Caribbean, Middle East and Europe.
He studied music in his basic School Emilia Rosa Molina, and later in his High School Juan Crisostomo Falcon, in La Vela de Coro, Venezuela. there where he worked as president of the student center and activist for a reformation of the system for teaching and education, at the age of 17 he graduated as a Bachiller in Sciences in Chichiriviche Falcon State.

Gatto was in love with the beach, friendship inspiration to make music, moments of happiness and adventures.

Gatto likes ultralight flying, and water sports, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding, sailing and windsurfing, everything salt water….

Gatto Gabriel live

Gatto worked as the presenter for a local TV shows
His find success as entertainer singer MC even as animation manager for hotels.
gattogabriel live

Gatto meets Roxi Lakhay a Suriname Dutch artists and Franz Solognier, they invited Gatto to Holland he go his first show on the TV show “Puerto Latino tv”, presented by Luis Zarraga,

Gatto started touring with Ghetto Flow opening shows:
Marc Anthony, Aventura, Don Omar, Victor Manuelle, Grupo Niche, Desmond Williams, Harlem Orchestra, Rafu Warner, Ziggy Recado, Candy Dulfer, and Much More.

Gatto Is now on a world tour, playing in many festivals worldwide!


Mersin, Izmir, Canakkale, Bursa, Istambul, Tekirdag, Gaziantep, Marmaris, Adana, Kayseri, Malatya, and much more. making shows from 200 people until 4000 people at Mersin Universitesi performing the “The World Tour Show” with exotic Brazil samba, Caribbean dancers, Suriname band, singers from Rep. Dominicana, Curacao, Venezuela, Vocals with Jamaican influences, playing latin music like: salsa, samba, bachata, zouk, reggaeton, chacha,… this melody cocktail of sound had a great success everywhere we played, this format spread its message of multiculturalism with a taste of a vacation. until 2015 gatto Has visited Turkey for 11 times!


Art& Travel Life styleGatto´s shows have a vacation taste and style that everyone loves, moving crowds of 13.000 people like the Sportpaleis in Antwerpen Belgium, Zuidplein Theater Holland or the Mersin University for 4000 people in Turkey, or Zomercarnaval Rotterdam 70.000 people and many others like Chichiriviche Stadium, MASSILO Rotterdam, Club Risque, Punto Latino Amsterdam, SAMBIL MARGARITA, Universidad Politecnica Barquisimeto, The Sand Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam. Rotterdam Caribbean, Hoogstraten Belgium, AntillIanse feesten Belgium, POLE POLE Belgium, Festival Mundial, Tilburg parade, Amsterdam Queens day, Miss Nva Esparta -Venezuela, Miss Italia nel Mondo, Miss Latina Netherland, Zomercarnaval Queen Election Rotterdam, Pleasure Magazine Truck ZomerCarnaval, Power Zone Amsterdam, Kleuren Karavaan, Ontmoetings dag Brabant, Dommel Picknick, CLO Feria Latino Americana, Limburg Latinos sin Fronteras, the SAND Amsterdam, 4 times for Culinesse Nesselande Beach for Coca-Cola, Los Amiguitos Tuijtjenhorn, La Perla Del Caribe Charleroi, Curacao Netto Bar and Pampus, Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam Zomercarnaval, Hilton Bosphorus Istanbul, Hilton Cama 360 Istanbul Riddim Istanbul, Crazy Pianos Scheveningen, Chalet Turistico Playa Sur Chichiriviche, etc…

Welcome to Gatto Gabriel Label, GATTORECORDS Music Travel and Adventure® you are now part of the story and part of a dream, welcome to know What Happens on tour! as we always say let’s make it happen!

How much we worked!!! and how hard it is this show life… but with friends and family who helped us economically and emotionally, this experience has been a bless!!! let’s live it always simple but not less exciting, life as an artist made me a much normal person… TO GOD ALL MY GOALS AND LOVE, thanks for this chance to live in this your creation, and to have the awareness to enjoy your wonderful gifts.
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