Yddan Vazz Born in Barquisimeto Venezuela, 1 July 1983 Started in with music at the age of 13 as sound technician studied Sound engineering , Collaborated with Big events ” Minitecas ” in Venezuela, beach events, Discotheque Vaya Vaya, and Xoxo Club Hotel Mario Chichiriviche, Casino Sunway Tucacas. in 2000 started working with Gatto Gabriel, started working in Isla Margarita by 2004 in all hotels and beach bars, as Dj and sound engineer, Yddan Vazz at this time work for the best in Isla Margarita.
  • In 2006 he started working on a TV station Bahia TV, where he managed to manage the production for around 2 years. In 2007, Gatto Invites Yddan to travel to Holland and together again started to show as Dj and sound technician, beside he became 33% owner of the production company Bahia TV.
  • In 2007 Yddan Worked promoted and broadcast the COPA AMERICA, a worldwide sport event from his TV station,
  • In 2008 Yddan started his official tour to Alemania, Belgium, China, Holanda, Francia, España, Venezuela, Turkia in shows like LOS 40 PRINCIPALES en  Madrid. 2010 Yddan is now the owner of 50% of the TV production company for a much bigger network in Venezuela,
  • 2013 Yddan shows as Dj with his own Sound Company YV SOUND, and is collaborating with his own TV station in Venezuela.
  • 2014 Dj. Yddan Vazz is now producing EDM and Latin House and in general ” festival music”, together with very important Producers who works for artists like Pit Bull, Don Omar, also in Collaborations with Gatto Gabriel and BM GhettoFlow!
  • 2015 Yddan and his company are planing a Festival tour, promoting a new EDM way of music, with Revolution Idealistic songs to enjoy for the next years to come.
  • Partner at Puerto Latino TV since 2007 until Now broadcasting to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St Marteen, Surinam, Venezuela

Yddan Vazz 2016 Video clips and Online Stores coming up next on the websites www.yddanvazz.com and www.Djyddanvaz.com.

All rights reserved to Yddan Antonio Vasquez since 1996.


 Additional Info Yddan vazz:
Paraiso Tropical Moises beach Bar Playa el agua live with MP3 musical show band, Marlins beach Restaurant, Hotel Le Flamboyant, Cinema Zeeland The Netherlands, Kleuren Karavaan Nuenen The Netherlands,La Perla del Caribe in Charleroi Belgium.
Yddan Vazz is on tour now!