Collaborative agreements: between _______________________ and ________________________ contributing to this project.

The partes________________ And _________________________, calls for collaboration defines the rights and responsibilities of each party in the partnership in this way.

This collaboration is made to protect the interests of each member of the partnership,

Copyright intellectual property are the property of the parties equally
The distribution of funds and exchange of information.
Payment procedures and administrative responsibilities.

It is agreed between the parties _____________ Y_______________, all profits, benefits, and / or in the case of investment,  names or trademarks in this collaboration, which should be divided into equal parts such as 33,3% from the 100%. All rights are equally reserved to:

  1. Recording Company and producers_______________________________.
  2. the Singers.______________________
  3. Other:________________________


This project will be valid until the times.
The partners agree in this document that they all have equal rights and authorship of the final product.