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It was in the spring of 2017 during the Turkish spring break tour when my old friend from Isla Margarita Dj Casanova, called me about a show in Serbia, He gave me the pleasure News, He said YOU NEED TO…Read more



Gatto Gabriel at the Kızkalesi Summer festival of tourism 2016 Turkey. OK OK OK Team Ready we have been confirmed for one of the most interesting show ever!!! we hit the Ancient Turkey performing this time at the kizkalesi Castle….Read more

Bicycle Race “INTERNATIONAL TOUR OF MERSIN ” The Latin American world tour singer GATTO GABRIEL will start his 2016 shows at MERSIN, TURKEY – performing live at the International Bike Tour in Mersin, Turkey – April 16th – 17th –…Read more

Gatto Gabriel en Curacao suena tambien por Radio Krioyo 89.7 FM  Gatto Gabriel’s music is all full of Beach adventures, Sunsets, Sundays and Summer, toma contacto con Radio Krioyo Curacao y pide las canciones que mas te gusten! Listen Gatto Gabriel’s beach…Read more

Gerardo Rosales, Gatto Gabriel and many more live at the Venezuelan Christmas Party Holanda. Venezuelan Christmas Party 2015! Para mantener la tradición volvemos a hacer la fiesta de navidad. Esta vez en el hermoso teatro De Rijswijkse Schouwburg en Rijswijk-Den…Read more