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Gatto Gabriel and Mad Pianos are invited to show at the EXIT TRIBE Serbia, another MUSIC TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE journey full of really cool people looking for the most amazing moments to be documented, this opportunity Gatto Gabriel goes with…Read more

Gatto Gabriel, Gerardo Rosales, Djino Snijtsheuvel, Richard Sueri, gave a great show at the Caribbean Latin Festival in Rotterdam this summer. People from all over the country came to join the Venezuelan Mixed event together with DJ Casanova,  J Lucani, and many…Read more

GATTO GABRIEL WITH GERARDO ROSALES SEXTET AT DIAS LATINOS Amersfoort. The event was full of Latinos living in Holland, with most of the talented artists of the genre together in one event, thanks to the organization DIAS LATINOS  for the…Read more

The EXIT festival was amazing, we had the greatest time together with the crazy team Djino S, Orlando T, Stevie J, Richard S,  Rudi S,  Gatto, and Choma, the rest of the team. THE EXIT FESTIVAL is the biggest festival…Read more

GATTO GABRIEL – STEVEN CYRIL  – GERARDO ROSALES  – THOMAS BOTTCHER LIVE at: Mersin Uluslararası Engelsiz Sanat Festivali | Mersin, Turkey | Quarta, 11. Outubro 2017 We are proud to invite you to the of the most amazing festivals of the…Read more

GATTO GABRIEL at Vuurwerkfestival Scheveningen is een spectaculair evenement met twee vuurwerkshows per avond. Verschillende landen strijden elk jaar in de zomer om de Vuurwerktrofee Scheveningen. Het eerste vuurwerk wordt iedere avond rond 21:45 uur afgeschoten. Het tweede vuurwerk gaat daarna…Read more