Here list of requests for the comfort of GATTOGABRIEL’S TEAM on the day of the show.

This performance rider will be agreed to by both parties and considered an addition to the
contract attached for this performance to take place on___________________________ , by and between
GATTO GABRIEL, hereinafter referred to as “Artist” and ________________________, hereinafter referred
to as “Purchaser”.
Please initial next to each (applicable) item on the rider to show purchaser’s approval and compliance.
Parking _____
Purchaser agrees to provide Artist with free, secure parking (and or parking passes) that is
close to the venue loading entrance, suitable for an SUV and 10′ trailer.
Food and beverages _____
Purchaser agrees to provide the following:
1. At least ten (10) bottles of water (carbonated and non) prior to show.
2. A total of five (5) hot meals for dinner provided at the venue, or a twelve ($12) dollar buyout
for each meal. Note – fast food, or pizza is not acceptable, unless previously negotiated with artist.
Dressing Room _____
Purchaser agrees to provide Artist with a clean, dry, and well-lighted dressing room to change
before and during performance. In addition, Purchaser will provide a safe place for band
members to store valuables during the performance.
Towels _____
Purchaser agrees to provide Artist with at least four (4) hand towels on stage during the
band’s performance.
Billing:____ “GATTO GABRIEL Band” must appear with the appropriate headlining billing in any
and all printed advertising and must be mentioned in any and all radio advertising for the
show/evening. Please use and/or forward the following quote for any promotional blurbs: